For the month of January, we are featuring Robert Milacic’s 2016 V60 Polestar Wide Body

Robert writes,

“I decided to make a very unique polestar because the car is so rare. Being so rare I wanted to stick out from the usual polestars. What got this going was unfortunately in August 2018 I was hit by a drunk driver and It inspired me to use it as an opportunity to make my dream a reality. I custom fabbed an air inlet pipe deleting the turbo intake muffler. Removed the firewall foam and replaced it with Gold Wrapping for heat. Custom made Bell inter cooler to accommodate for Transmission Oil coolers. 750 CC injectors. Full Turbo Back Straight Piped Titanium Exhaust with built in Vacuum operated Valve to not be to loud at low rpm. Hybrid Turbo with larger compressor Wheel and clipped wings. Full Custom Water meth injection kit with 24 liter tank in the trunk. Stage 3 Hilton Tune running 26 psi pumping out some serious power and torque. Custom Mounted Setrab Transmission Oil cooler. AEM Transmission Oil Temp and Boost Gauge with custom made and paint matched pod. Went with “newschool” Clinched Flares 1.6 inch front and 2.7 inch rear. Future Plans are possible manual swap and larger turbo and extensive internal work.”


KT4 Performance