ERST Volvo Brake Kit



FRONT 6POT 370 × 32KIT
FRONT 6POT 370 × 32KIT
FRONT 6POT 355 × 32KIT
FRONT 6POT 355 × 32KIT
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The brake system kit combines the best of both worlds with a pleasing appearance and high quality performance. The caliper on the brake is made with an aluminum forged body, which makes it highly rigid and gives it a weight reduction design. Two-piece manufacturing technique applied to make the disc rotors. For the bell part, we use a high heat tolerance material- duralumin, this material provides the dual purpose of making the kit lighter. This will not diminish results as driving safety will be always be our top priority.

FRONT 6POT / REAR 4POT RED 355 × 32KIT + 332 × 30KIT V70(SB) / V70R(SB) / XC70(SB) / XC90(CB)
FRONT 6POT 370 × 32KIT V40(MB/MD) / S60(FB/FD) / V60(FB/FD) / V70R(SB) / V70(SB/BB) / V90(PB) / S90(PB) / XC70(SB) / XC60(DB/DD/UB/UD) / XC90(CB/LB)
355 × 32KIT
FRONT 6POT Stype RED 324 × 30KIT V40(MB/MD) / V50(MB)

Additional information

Weight 165 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 12 in

FRONT 6POT 370 × 32KIT, FRONT 6POT 355 × 32KIT


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