Slider 12cm (4.7”) Fender Flares



Adds +4.7 inches (12cm) per side
May be blended in with your fenders or left with open rivets

For 1 pair of these Slider 12cm fender flares you need to buy:
Nuts and bolts – 24 pcs – choose between Type 1Type 2 or Type 3
Rubber seal – 5 meters



Make sure to read this – you will need to drill and cut your original fender flares and/or quarter panels in order to install these Slider 12cm fender flares on your car.
Our overfenders are installed with rivets and bolts – you will need to drill your stock fenders and/or quarter panels.

You will need to install a lowered suspension and wider wheels to achieve the right stance.

Use a heatgun (or a hair dryer) to heat up the flares and mold them into place to follow factory body lines.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs


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