Water Methanol Injection Kit


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Operation is very simple: the system starts injecting when the boost switch reaches the user-adjustable point and it injects a fixed amount of fluid through the nozzle until the switch opens again. This makes it a good choice for low to medium boost setups looking for an octane enhancement and cooler intake charge. Activation can also be set up through any other user-chosen switch, such as a full throttle switch, etc.

Kit includes:
SHO (Special High Output) Pump
• 3 Quart Reservoir
• 3 Nozzles To Cover a Wide Range of Horsepower
• Low Level Indicator
• Required Hardware Needed For Installation
• Comprehensive Instructions


Stage 1: Methanol sprays at full capacity as soon as a certain boost threshold is met (usually 9-11 psi), as read by the vacuum sensor.

Stage 2: Methanol sprays variably in conjunction with boost psi. As boost increases so does the amount of methanol being sprayed. (So 9 psi sprays less than 15 psi which would spray more)

Additional information

Weight 13.86 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 8 in
Choose Stage:

Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3


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