Volvo Build of the Month

For the month of June, we are featuring Mike Corneaus and his sweet S60

Thank you everyone down at KT4, for letting my Volvo be a part of your monthly builds. It is such an honor to feature my progress, and in the last 3 years I have made great strides to truly make this vehicle my own.

In 2016, I had unfortunately gotten into an accident with my 2008 S40 T5 AWD, and at the time was very interested in something a bit newer and more progressive with the times. What better way to jump right into the next project? My 2013 S60 T5 AWD was purchased not even a month after.

I enjoy the stiff ride from Volvo, as well as the unique qualities of the vehicle. It has power when it needed to, and it catches my eye every time I see it. It came equipped with the features that I deemed necessary, and the beechwood interior was a must, as it reminded me of the Atacama color from the R. After about a year of leaving the car stock, not really knowing what route to go as far as tuning and modifications, I finalized some ideas and got to work.

Right now, my vehicle has:

· No other than a 3.5 KT4 Catless Downpipe

· Soon to have custom built KT4 Steering wheel

· 3.5 Cat-back Elevate exhaust, Borla tips

· Elevate Downpipe, Intake

· Do88 Front Mount Intercooler

· Snabb Silicone hoses

· Polestar Edition Trunk Lid Spoiler

· 18’ Ixion R-Design Wheels

· Gecko Suspension G-Racing Coilovers

· Hilton Tuning

It has been such a treat driving, and showing up in such a unique and different car. I have had such a great time slowly developing my own car, the questions I get, and the looks I receive, are the best vibes! It has always been a love never hate relationship with my Volvo, and I can only imagine what I can accomplish next with the vehicle. It has treated me great and I have met some amazing individuals throughout the time I have invested into the vehicle as well. I am on most social platforms, and have slowly updated everyone on the progress there as well. There is so much I would like to do with her, just wait and see!

– Mike Corneau

KT4 Performance