For the month of April, we are featuring David Berg’s 2017 Volvo V90

David answered some questions below,



Name: David Berg
Live: 100 km from the arctic circle in north of Sweden
Occupation: Truck driver/Firefighter
Age: 34
Car: Volvo V90 2017 Business


What made me buy this car?:

I already knew from when the model was released that I was gonna buy a V90. It was complete! All the details were perfect, from the shape of the headlights
to the shape of the exhaust. Volvo had really made it!
What I love the most about the car is the ride and the aesthetics of it. I believe this new platform will last for a long time in Volvo’s future.
This car means everything to me(except family of course).


Why did I decided to modify my car?

Well, why not? The former owner put on the suspension just before i bought it, but I felt it wasn’t enough. So when I was scrolling trough IG one day. I saw a car with scissor doors and came up with the crazy idea to mount it on my car!
When the winter was over, I was done! And boy did it turn out good!


What is done with the car?

  • Airlift suspension
  • BMW e91 Coilovers
  • 3P/3M Bluetooth powered control panel
  • Custom made scissor doors hinge adapters
  • Universal scissor door hinges
  • Changed front and rear diffuser to Inscription
  • Changed exhaust top dual pipes
  • Removed rear window wiper
  • Fully tinted windows
  • Wind deflectors
  • Custom painted engine bay
  • Wedz Kranze Vishnuu 20×10,5″ hyper chrome wheels
  • All out changed speakers to Rockford Fosgate 6,5″ with 0,5″ tweeters


What`s next?

New projects for 2019 are:

  • Own made Coilovers front and rear
  • Own made subwoffers
  • New tint
  • Chrome delete, all blackened¨
  • New wheel lugnuts/spike
  • And some more stuff that I won`t tell about yet…

Hope to see you on car shows and on social media.