For the month of October we are featuring Cameron Lopez’s 1979 Volvo 245 DL

“This Volvo was given to me for just a dollar! 1979 Volvo 245 DL, It was in a movie and a camping commercial before my ownership. The Volvo did not run it had a blown motor with a rod through the block and a transmission that had been neglected . My senior year of high school I built this motor with a ported and polished head running a b230f block and a b21f head with the original k-jet system! Transmission was changed to a m47 .The interior was pulled from a 93 wagon blue leather and third row seat which was like new. Wheels are commonly asked about which are diamond racing. Laid subframe literally everywhere and had ripped the oil pan bolt off once from being so stupid low. The car I have the most memories and one I wished I kept ! I sold the car put back to stock to a guy named Michael and I’m sure it’s in a junkyard somewhere now. #RIP”

– Cameron Lopez