For the month of March, We are featuring Noah Cantu’s Volvo V70 Slab


Noah writes,

When I was young my dad always had a Volvo V70 & for some reason I would always tell him I wanted it when I grew up. Volvo Killa is actually my 4th Volvo v70 station wagon. Growing up in Houston known for Slab Riding 84’s. It was my dream to fix up a car & put rims that poke out. I love my Volvo & being from Houston u don’t see a lot of Volvo v70 fixed up driving around so I decided heck am already different driving around a station wagon so more as well put 84’s on it..The paint ? Job was done by Mikes Collision located in desoto tx by Dallas. The idea of painting my car AQUA was the stock flash green V70R I see. I didn’t want to do the flash green cuz I wanted people to know I actually painted this car. The inside interior is done door panels,dash ,center console, headliner suede, indash screen radio, System & also pop trunk meaning I press a button & the back hatch opens & closes by it self. Aqua paint inside & out of car also my calibers are painted Aqua. The system I have is 2 15’s Ct sound Exos on a 4k Ct sound amp. Box is custom build buy the professional Rob Spier located in Conroe tx. Box is Double layer all around except the top is triple layer box really heavy plus the speaker weight & the 3 xs power back up batterys to hold the juice up! I’m still running on stock alternator & no it haven’t went out or giving me no problems all the wiring is by ofc 0 gauge ?% copper wire. Also have Ipd lowering springs in the front & back of car. Engine is pretty stock haven’t done no upgrades cuz when u riding 84’s there really no reason to be racing cuz the wheels are very heavy. So that pretty much sums up the idea of putting VOLVO KILLA together. I really just wanted to be the first person to trick out a Volvo station wagon in Houston cuz there not one in Houston that I seen fixed up so far & I been living here my whole life. I build this car cuz it was my dream to have a Slab when I grew up. I didn’t build it to complete. I built it cuz I love this car & I did all this hard work just to make my dream come true & it actually did! ?