Volvo BIG Turbo Kits

Moose Muscle Packages 

If you’re reading this then we already know a couple things about you.

1.) You like to modify your Volvo

2.) Putting the gap on your friend’s STI, M3, Evo… etc is something you’ve always wanted to do

 Well look no further because we have your back!

With our new Moose Muscle Package we can guarantee your competition will be full of regret.

Our packages will be available for Volvo

T6 3.0L / T6 2.0L \ P2R

If you are interested in a Moose Muscle Package and you do not have one of the platforms listed, please send us an email to discuss possible custom build options.


Volvo 3.0L T6 (B6304T4/B6304T5)

7163 EFR Turbo

Factory Exhaust Manifold Adapter

Steel Braided Oil and Water Lines

Intercooler Charge Pipes 

Down Pipe

Air Intake Adapter



Instruction Manual

*Heat resistant ceramic coating is available in 8 different colors upon request

Volvo 2.0L Polestar KT4 EFR Turbo Set Up with custom exhaust manifold and custom wastegate bracket, designed to fit the Volvo P3 2.0L Platform Direct Fit.


Power expectations: 

  • If you want to use the kit on your Volvo 3.0L T6 without upgrading the engine itself, then you would have run a lower boost pressure (13-17 psi) and your power expectations should be between 360-390 whp.
  • With forged connecting rods and upgraded cam installed, you can expect to make 450-520 whp. (@ 18-28 psi)

*Our goal is to make Volvo performance as affordable as possible, this pricing is an estimate and may change depending on whether we add standard items to the kit as R&D continues. Forged connecting rods and pistons will be available to those wanting to take their Polestar to the extreme. Cost for the forged connecting rods is $127/rod and the cost of the forged pistons for the Volvo 3.0L T6 is $165/piston. The forged connecting rods are the only engine internals that MUST be upgraded in order to achieve 400whp+ on the dyno with the Volvo 3.0L T6. Pistons will also be available for those looking for more reliability.

This is the schematic we have developed for the Volvo 3.0L Forged Connecting Rods

KT4 Volvo 3.0L T6 Forged Connecting Rods

For the 2.0L Volvo Polestar and T6 applications, KT4 Is Researching and Developing a port injection fuel upgrade to allow it to be easier for users to tune their 2.0L with the big turbo application. Did you know that the 2017+ Volvo 2.0L does not come with forged internals? You would expect such a performance oriented car to come with performance oriented forged internal parts, but sadly it doesn’t. So the team at KT4 is developing forged internal parts for the Volvo Polestar 2.0L. 600hp, here we come!


Here you can see a Volvo 2.0L Polestar Engine we have cleaned in a chemical bath, decked and honed. The steel liner in the cylinder sleeves helps the B4204T43 handle higher stress and boost pressures. Send us a message today to discuss engine strengthening options!


  • KT4 Performance recommends upgrading the factory fuel injectors to at least 755cc for stock block applications and 850cc for built block applications (required).

Transmission Upgrades

So many people will try to sell you this false narrative that the Volvo (2011+) P3 and SPA cars come with a weak transmission. This is far from true. Volvos have shown transmission issues in the past, however, the newer 5th generation and up Haldex AWD and Aisin Warner TF-80SC are strong but the design that they were implemented with makes it more difficult for the TF-80SC to really show its strength. Because Volvo mounts their engines transverse, something had to be done to get a reliable transmission in a small confined space that could still withstand at least 330 lb/ft of torque. Aisin Warner went to the drawing board and came back with a strong transmission that can do all that the Polestar needs it to do stock. (Did you know your regular 3.0L T6 Volvo has the same transmission as the Polestar ? )

So why does the 3.0L T6 struggle with a lot of torque running through it if the transmission is so great?

Because Volvo designed the engine transverse, they had to fit a compact transmission in a small place. This is a problem for performance enthusiasts because when you start making a lot of power, you also start making a lot of your transmission’s worst nightmare: heat ? . Your transmission is constantly being bombarded with the heat not only from your turbo, but the engine as well, which is never good for performance. Around 90% of all automatic transmission failures are caused by overheating.

Too much heat is very bad for your TF-80SC Volvo transmission. Your Volvo transmission will work its best below 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

At 220 degrees you will begin to experience hard shifting between gears as the transmission fights to operate in hot conditions

At 240 degrees you will experience transmission slippage between gear shifts as the transmission fluid begins to burn inside of your transmission rendering it more and more ineffective.

At 260 degrees you will experience transmission failure, seals will begin to fail and the torque converter and transmission will begin to leak as the heat deteriorates the transmission’s interior metal parts, you may see bits of metal shavings in your transmission fluid from the hard shifts your gears have endured.


What is KT4’s solution for this transmission heating issue?

Why a high performance transmission cooler of course!   ??

With two of these high performance transmission coolers and electric fan attachments installed, your Volvo transmission will stay cooler even with 450hp charging through the exhaust pipes! Another upgrade option available to you is the 3.0L T6 Cam Shaft Upgrade. With upgraded camshafts you will have the ability to tune your 3.0L T6 so that it makes more horsepower than torque. From the factory the T6 makes more torque than horsepower, torque is tough on transmissions. By reducing the amount of torque you push through the transmission, you will improve it’s longevity. This is exactly what Polestar did with the 2012 S60 Polestar concept car which made 508hp, but only 425 lb/ft of torque. By limiting the torque and pushing the horsepower, you can drastically push the limits of your 3.0L T6 without causing any damage to the parts themselves. There has never been a better time to build yourself a Volvo sleeper.

The maximum amount of torque that your factory Volvo P3 TF-80SC transmission can handle is roughly 400-425 lb/ft. So we use this as the bench mark. Now we switch our focus from the torque to building the horsepower without adding any more torque. The Volvo TF-80SC has proven on many occasions that 400 torque is no problem. Many P3 T6 owners can attest to their P3 driving every day with 400 ft/lbs from downpipe, intake, intercooler and tune. So with the bigger turbo kit and the cam shaft upgrade, you can tune your P3 3.0L T6 to 500hp and 400 ft/lbs. As long as the torque does not exceed the maximum and you have taken performance precautions to ensure that the transmission can stay cool, there is no reason to believe your transmission can’t make it happen.

Another upgrade that KT4 is developing for your Volvo to improve heat reduction is our new Carbon Fiber vented hood upgrades. By allowing more of the heat to dissipate from the cramped engine bay through the vents,  it will be much easier for your Volvo to function at a lower operating temperature, even under aggresive driving situations, like racing.

Pick up a turbo kit and transmission cooler today and leave your competition full of regret!

BorgWarner EFR 7670 Turbo (12769097001)

BW’s EFR 7670 is ideal for responsive street driven vehicles as well as road racing and time attack applications. EFR7670 delivers early spool with a healthy 64lb/min compressor flow.

BW utilizes their 70mm Gamma-Ti turbine wheel as the optimal match for the 57.2mm inducer / 76mm exducer FMW compressor for unmatched response. This turbo uses the mid-size EFR ported-shroud compressor housing, great for fitment in cramped engine bays. An excellent fit for use in single turbo applications for the 400-600hp range (up to 2.6L), or as twin turbo applications 800-1200+hp. Ceramic Ball Bearing only, water cooling recommended.

Compressor Specifications

  • Compressor Type: Forged-Milled Wheel (FMW) Extended Tip
  • Compressor Wheel OD (exducer): 76mm
  • Compressor Wheel Inducer: 57.2mm
  • Max Flow Rate: 64 lb/min
  • Built-in BOV: All EFR compressor housings incorporate an integrated BOV.
  • Compressor Housing Connections: [list] [*]Inlet: 3.5″ Hose Coupler
  • Outlet: 2.0″ Hose Coupler

Turbine Specifications

    • Turbine Type: Low Inertia Gamma-Ti Turbine Wheel
    • Turbine Wheel OD: 70mm
    • Stainless Steel Sand cast Housing

The EFR 7670 is available in the following turbine housing configurations from KT4:

  • 0.83 A/R V-Band Single Scroll (Internal WG) – Part # 179351