For the month of September we are featuring Jonathan Bergsten Johansson’s 940 turbo a-traktor(car registered as a traktor)


So it’s a Volvo 940 turbo rebuilt from car to a-traktor. I’m turning 18 in about 6 months which means it’s time for a real car. But before that I wanted to make my last a-traktor and that’s this one. It has got loads of small mods, but the biggest ones I would say is the wheels, the audio system ”6,5” speakers and 2 gas gpp12 subwoofers with a 2000.1 amplifier”, styling-kit and thrown away springs.
A Volvo 940 will always be a 940, but my goal has been to make something special that stands out a bit from the rest without going full crazy. ?The little rubber spoiler in the front and big sticker on the windshield makes many look twice. I have gotten  good feedback on the ”car” from both car people and the police which makes me feel extra pleased with the result and now I am ”build of the month”!? ?