For the month of July we are featuring Shane Puffe’s 142.

Shane writes,

“Hello. My name is Shane and this is my AWD Volvo build. Let me give you a back story… I fell in love with Volvos with my first one. An 00 V70R, shortly after I purchased the 1972 142. The 142 hadn’t seen the road in over 20 years, I picked it out of a yard from a listing on craigslist locally. The interior was all shot. I brought the b20 back to life with my buddy just to find that it had a spun rod bearing…. That’s when I knew it was getting swapped. But with what? I personally strive to be different than anyone else. So LS made the most sense but I didn’t want to. 2Jz, so common. So looked into rwd whiteblock swaps… it didn’t appease to me with having to redo everything on the 142 and that’s when I came up with the crazy idea of swapping chassis so I wouldn’t have to redo brakes, differential and interior… I started pulling measurments off my 00R in 2015. I was shocked at how close everything was. I kept telling my bros about it, and everyone said just do a rwd engine swap. That the chassis swap wouldn’t happen. I got scared… and so the car sat for a couple years behind a shop with a car cover. My life changed dramatically and I had no desire to build a car when I found a new love of racing mountain bikes. Eventually I came to a T…. do I sell or crush the 142 or do I just go for it!!! Because the 142 had such a straight body I couldn’t scrap it, I had still to that point never seen another 142 in real life. I searched and searched craigslist for donor vehicles. I went to scrap yards and measured every turbo awd vehicle I could. I almost used my v8 AWD AMG for the swap, and than the Audi S4 is really what I wanted to use… but I couldn’t find one under 5k. And I was not willing to chance that much money on a swap I didn’t think I would succeed. Because I was at a point of possibly scrapping the 142 I went in the build knowing I might be scrapping the the 142 and the V70R ;or worst case a tubed V70R and that’s the only way I was able to go for it.  I started In August of 2017 cutting up the 142. October 22 2017 I bought an 99 V70R for $1000. I was searching craigslist every few hours for weeks waiting for a deal to pop up. It was game on at this point. I bought a house with a garage to do the build. And its been non stop since December 2017. Logging in at around 1200 hours so far and still in full build right now. I wanted to build a car that would be daily driver status. I plan to take it on MTB trips and hitting the slopes. Autocross, hill climbs, drag races. ect. I retrofitted the entire R interior, working everything!  I have AC. Power Seats. Heated Seats, cruise control, the works. AC was difficult to keep with room constrictions but if I didn’t have AC I would have gone racecare style. I even had to go water to air intercooled because I had no room for piping up front. Battery relocation to trunk, Ice box up above the rear seats. Everything has been custom, custom 3″ intake that comes out behind the headlight under the intercooler with Velocity stack. Will be doing Downpipe and bigger turbo and getting a tune, all the fun stuff. Its footprint is 18×10.5 NT03 knockoffs with 285 30 18 on all corners with 1.5″ adapters. 6″ Clinched flares up front, 4″ in the rear. The car has a long ways to go in my eyes but Its real crazy what I’ve accomplished in 11 months since I started. The car means a lot to me, when my son gets older I want to give it to him. It was a 5 year father and son build when I bought it Feb 2015. I don’t plan on ever getting rid of this car, I want it to stay in the family forever. I told myself it would be the last car I’d build since my new love for bicycles… I don’t see that being the case after this itch lol. The car has brought so much inspiration to a lot of people, I have messages from all over the world just telling me how much my project has helped them. Its been unreal. I don’t have words to express how amazing I feel about all the support I’ve gotten. It makes me want to build cars for other people. I love it. And that’s my all Volvo factory swap. :)”