For the month of February, we are featuring Cole Reeb’s Volvo C30 R-Design Wide Body

Cole writes,

Volvo C30 R-Design 2011
Build name: LeVolvoLågt
Instagram @Levolvolagt
Lev Lågt means live low in Swedish.
Found this car back in California, in 2013. Started off with simple bolts ons, lots of Elevate parts. Did all the usual modifications, sway bar, intake, intercooler, downpipe, and tune. Slipped some HnR coilovers on it, got some big 19in Vertini rims. I then designed/built/installed the front aerodynamics, front splitter and canards. The car sat for a while in that state, broke axles, and the addition of a motorcycle made me spend less time with it. But that all changed this year, a lot of effort has gone into trying to completely modify the look of the car. With the help of Tom, (Boulder C30) a fantastic friend and fellow C30 enthusiast, we disassembled my headlights and painted the housing black. The C30 lines become very exaggerated when lowering the vehicle but I wanted more. I had my eye set on overfenders for a while and finally pulled the trigger on some Clinched overfenders. Painted and installed them myself, same as everything you see on the car. As of late, I have installed a new spoiler, hood vents, roll cage, rear seat delete box, and heat wrapped the intake. The roll cage is made from a talented C30Crew member by the name of TheFastBelgian, who has created a total of 5 cages. The cage requires the rear seats to be taken out so, I created a wooden box to fill the space. I intend to carpet it, and relocate the battery inside. As for future plans, Tom and I have partnered up and are within the final stages of bringing a fully sequential C30 LED tailights to market. We are very excited about this, and plan to offer more products soon. I also plan to install bucket seats, harness set, a big wing, redesigned aero, side skirts, rear diffuser, cut-out side pipe, meth injection, and a tablet infotainment system. Lastly I want to wrap the car, hopefully in some type of livery, a new take on some old school Volvo racing livery would be cool.