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These grilles are guaranteed to impress and are produced using quality pre-preg carbon fiber sheets, resin cast and molded to fit the car. Also, the black steel mesh allows maximum airflow into the engine bay whilst exaggerating the aggressive looks of the car.

Please note: These grilles will fit the Volvo C30 2006-2009 aka PRE-FACELIFT. If you are unsure whether your car is a pre-facelift model or not, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

This grille is nearly a kilogram lighter than the OEM Volvo Grille, weighing in at 300g!

To all customers: Please ensure you are happy with the fitment of the grille displayed in the photos before purchasing. The pre-facelift grille sits slightly recessed in the bumper as pictured and manufacturing tolerances may exaggerate this, especially in the center where it can look sagged. Also, the tabs used to secure the grilles to the bumper are friction fit only, and may not “click” into place like original tabs. Due to the design, you may need to modify your grille and tabs to secure completely – this can be done with simple tools like a round file adding a notch to the tabs. When sat properly, the grille can be pulled out by hand – this is normal. Returns will not be accepted for tabs or warping as all grilles are like this in some way. Please do not buy this product unless you are prepared to possibly have to make modifications to the grille to seat it properly. Some grilles require no modification, some require a lot. Professional install recommended.

Please note: These fins will only fit the Volvo C30 2006-2009 aka PRE-FACELIFT. If you are unsure whether your car is a facelift model or not, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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